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We repair machine shop floors with 100% solids epoxy mortar, which obtain the highest strength, exceeding that of the concrete. Mandatory systematic repair and surface preparation are performed prior to installing any epoxy flooring or applying industrial floor coatings or sealers.

Expert crew is available to do all sorts of repairs for joints, cracks, holes, spalls, and erosions. At first, our crew will remove spalls and patch up the deteriorated concrete. Cleaning and preparing the contaminated concrete for special polyurethane coatings follows. Joints or cracks are treated with flexible joint membranes, after which the coating is applied to the surface. For special requirements, such as in decking projects, we remove the cab slab and install a new waterproof decking system directly onto the structural slab.

Apart from strength and aesthetics, our flooring repair operations maintain a dust-free environment while servicing the equipment. Additionally, we can also provide double-coated flooring for safer, effective, and heavy-duty epoxy floor repair.


Abrasion, chemical and slip resistant floors
Complete floor installation to fast setting patch repairs
Concrete Failure Analysis
Hygienic coatings for the food industry
Industrial Floor Repairs and Coatings
Metallic Floor Toppings & Overlays
Sub zero repair for cold stores

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